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Asymmetry correction

Facial asymmetry means that both sides of your face don’t perfectly mirror each other. Having some degree of facial asymmetry is perfectly normal. For example, having cheek asymmetry – i.e. one cheek is larger/ more projected/ shaped differently to the other – is extremely common amongst our patients, and the most common facial asymmetry seen worldwide.

Facial symmetry – meaning that both sides of the face mirror each other – is associated with increased subjective beauty. It is universal that people find symmetrical faces more attractive.

Often, patients are not aware they have facial asymmetries, and these are only discovered after pan-facial assessment by Dr Alex. In these cases, when the asymmetry is corrected, patients have greater facial harmony and often find they are much happier with their appearance.

In other cases, patients come to us with a specific concern about an area of their face that they have noticed is asymmetrical. In these cases, asymmetry correction greatly enhances the patients’ confidence and quality of life.

Many cases of asymmetry can be treated using dermal fillers. For example, in the case of cheek asymmetry, the cheeks can be injected with variable amounts of dermal filler to increase the size, increase the projection, or change the shape of the cheeks and make them symmetrical.



Dermal filler procedure


Dr Alex will perform pan-facial assessment including facial measurements to determine where asymmetries occur on the face and the extent of the asymmetry. Dr Alex will discuss these findings with you as well as discuss your aesthetic goals to determine a personalised treatment plan.

The treatment area will be cleaned using alcohol and chlorhexidine. Depending on the treatment area, numbing cream may be applied. In some cases, local anaesthetic injections will be used. Happy gas is available to our patients to make them as comfortable as possible.

Dr Alex will inject the dermal filler using a very fine needle. Gauze will be applied with pressure to reduce bruising. In some cases, Dr Alex will use a cannula (blunt needle) to inject the dermal filler. In this case, a needle is first used to create a tiny hole in the skin where the cannula is inserted, resulting in only a single entry point per area.

Dr Alex will continue to check-in with you during the procedure to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Most patients report minimal discomfort during dermal filler treatment, and the procedure is very quick, taking only minutes.


Pain relief


We always provide pain relief to our patients. We use a combination of numbing cream, local anaesthetic injections, and nitrous oxide gas (happy gas). The pain relief used depends on the treatment, the area being treated, and the patients’ individual needs and preferences. Your comfort will always be prioritised by Dr Alex. Many patients report either no pain or minimal pain during dermal filler treatments.




We advise our patients to avoid wearing makeup on the day of treatment, avoid rubbing or massaging the treatment area, avoid strenuous exercise on the day of treatment, and stay away from saunas, spas, and hot yoga for 48-hours post treatment.

Some swelling may occur around the treatment area, and this will subside usually within 24 hours.

In some cases bruising may occur around the treatment area, that can last up to one week. We provide our patients with a topical cream that is very effective in reducing bruising.

In the event of any complications or concerns after the procedure, even after hours, Dr Alex will be available to discuss your concerns and provide advice, and offers a complimentary review if needed.




If you have any questions about dermal fillers please get in touch with us by email at info@facebydralex.com or by phone at 0466 898 839.